As varied and delicious as coffee drinks can get around the world, there’s still one thing that unites us: no matter where we are, we can always depend on it to bring us back from the dead every morning.

 While the standard espresso drinks in the States consist of a macchiato, cappuccino, red eye, latte, etc., when you peek around the corner at how the rest of the world takes their coffee, you’ll be impressed at the variety. In Italy, Espresso Romano consists of a lemon slice dropped in an espresso. In Austria, a Wiener Melange layers a cup of espresso, an egg yolk, brown sugar and whipped cream. In Spain, honey gets topped with an espresso, steamed milk and cinnamon. Yet this inforgraphic delves just a little deeper than that, providing acute bits of coffee culture. For instance, Italian coffee bars aren’t meant for socializing and laptop camping, as it’s customary for patrons to drink coffee standing up. As for forgetful husbands who forget to fill the family coffee pot? This used to be a veritable reason for a wife to divorce her husband in Turkey. Yikes.



The Germans know how to warm up a cup of coffee: sneak two ounces of rum in it. Mix dark coffee, rum and sugar to taste, and top it with whipped cream.


This decadent Vietnamese coffee is more like a full-on dessert: beat two egg yolks with a half teaspoon each of condensed milk, honey and vanilla extract until fluffy. Pour into a cup and top with hot black Vietnamese coffee. The egg mixture will float to the top, where you can spoon it into your mouth or drink right away.

egg coffee

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vietnam weasel coffee
vietnam weasel coffee at HMCF


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egg coffee



Many an Instagram feed has been filled with pictures of this espresso drink. Legend is that it started when San Franciscan baristas wanted to shoot a latte mid-shift and get back to work: a double shot of espresso is topped with a shot of steamed milk (and served in a Gibraltar glass), just enough to cool the espresso for a quick gulp.



This popular Spanish coffee is for those who like it sweet. Mix equal parts strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk.



It’s said every Turkish family has its own recipe for this tradition. Super-finely ground coffee is brewed in a copper pot called a cezve, sweetened and boiled several times over heat. It’s kind of complicated, but well worth the work.



Traditional cafe au laits are essentially equal parts brewed coffee and steamed milk. To spice it up, we like to add chicory



Translated in English to “pot coffee,” cafe de olla is a sweetened, spiced coffee popular in Mexico. Bring dark-roasted, ground coffee to a slow boil in a saucepan with a quart of water, cinnamon stick, orange peel and dark brown sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, let steep for five minutes before straining into a cup.


Espresso romano
Espresso romano

Italians often serve their espresso with a slice of lemon on the side — the sweeter notes of the espresso are said to be highlighted by the citrus when you rub the inside rim of your glass with the lemon.



Similar to a Gibraltar, the flat white is made with a double shot of espresso and just a little more steamed milk to straddle the line between cappuccino and full-blown latte.



Frappés are iced coffee drinks made with instant coffee, sugar and water whisked into a foam, invented by a Nescafé marketer in 1957 and is now one of the most popular ways to drink coffee in Greece. Mix a teaspoon of instant coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, mix with a frappe blender until it’s a solid foam and add ice and water.


Kaisermelange, coffee with egg yolk, sugar and cognac, served with glass of water on serving tray, a coffee specialty from Austria

The kaisermelange (or “emperor’s blend”) is popular Austrian way of drinking dark coffee, served with an egg yolk, sugar and cognac. Some people blend the yolk with sugar and maybe a little milk.