Free test coffee



I suggest using a Vietnamese Organic Arabica roasted medium-dark, which is Weasel Legend Coffee by Huongmai Cafe. I also like a dark-roasted blend of 75 percent Bourbon Arabica and 25 percent Robusta

Vietnamese coffee


1. Pour the condensed milk into a glass, lining the base of the cup.


2. Load a stainless steel Vietnamese coffee filter with grounds. Be sure not to twist the compressor too tightly against the coffee, as water may not be able to permeate through the grounds.


3. Place the filter (with coffee) on top of the glass. Wet the coffee in the filter with 20 ml of hot water.


4. After 30 seconds, pour another 120 ml of hot water over the coffee grounds. Replace the lid to the filter and wait until all of the water in the filter has drained through. (This should take approximately 8 to 10 minutes.)


5. Stir the coffee well with the condensed milk. Pour over ice and enjoy.

weasel coffee


Because coffee contains virtually no calories, the only calories in Vietnamese iced coffee come from the canned milk. Coffee drinkers add sweetened condensed milk to taste, so the calorie content can vary. One tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk has 61 calories, 10 grams of sugar and 1.7 grams fat, mostly saturated. A typical recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee contains 2 to 4 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk per cup of coffee, for a total of 123 to 245 calories.

Feeling hot? Well why not come to our place and enjoy a fresh brew cup of Vietnamese Iced Coffee?? Ice ice, baby !

 weasel coffee