Tea Addict

Combo 2: Tea Addict


Quick Overview

* Combo package include:

+ 01 box of Jasmine Tea Cinnamon box

+ 01 box of Snow Shan 125g in Bamboo package


Product Questions

Have no questions.

“ Tea addict ” combo is a combination of 02 special tea product of Huongmai Café. This tea set is amazing gift for tea lover:

-    01 box of Jasmine Tea Cinnamon box:  Naturally embalmed tea with real Jasmine petal and the scent of Cinnamon bark. The special figure of this product is its package which is made of 20 years old Cinnamon bark and sophisticatedly crafted by hand of the tea expert. You can reuse the box to embalm another turn of tea.

-   01 box of Snow Shan 125g in Bamboo package:  Produced from the indigenous tea trees of the Northern Highlands in Vietnam. Ancient Snow Shan is grown naturally at altitude above 14oom with ancient tea dates back hundreds of years ago. Snow Shan tea buds from Suoi Giang ancient golden color will develop a honey water and natural flavor of ancient tea trees, sweet post.

A very Vietnamese gift set for your dear Teacher, why not give him this Tea Addict combo to make he/she understand more about Vietnamese culture?

Happy Teacher's day