Combo 1

Combo1: Organic Lover

46,50 USD

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* Combo package include:

+ 01 pack of Organic Kopi Luwak 250g

+ 01 box of Heritage 125g in Bamboo package

+ 01 set of Ceramic Vietnamese Phin Filter


“Organic lover” combo is a combination of Organic coffee. Organic coffee is extremely clean and absolutely de-synthetic chemical treatment which is very good for your health. This combo includes:

-   01 pack of Organic Kopi Luwak 250g: The almighty coffee which is regarded as the most expensive coffee in the world. Green beans imported from Indonesia but roasted with Vietnamese method. Kopi Luwak by Huongmai Café have traditional taste of Vietnamese coffee but its Indonesia figure is not loss yet enhanced perfectly.

-   01 box of Heritage 125g in Bamboo package: A perfect one for your gift. With very traditional appearance, Heritage Bamboo box is a highlight of this combo. Heritage is also organic and a exclusive product of Huongmai Café. Heritage is not loved by the local but by customers around the world, too for its bold and strong taste.

-   01 set of Ceramic Vietnamese Phin Filter: The amazing Vietnamese coffee making tool. Contained: 01 cup, 01 vault, 01 pressing tool, 01 cap. This set will make your coffee strong and kept warm for long.

A very Vietnamese gift set for your dear Teacher, why not give him this Organic Lover combo to make he/she understand more about Vietnamese culture?

Organic Lover

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