Affordable world most expensive coffee

Combo 5: Affordable world most expensive coffee


Quick Overview

* Combo package include:

+  01 Ceramic Coffee mug

 + 01 Hand Grinder Machine

+ 01 pack of Organic Kopi Luwak 250g

+ 01 packs of Organic Weasel Coffee 250g

+ 01 set of Stainless steel Vietnamese Phin Filter



Product Questions

Have no questions.

The answer is always Weasel coffee. Made and processed naturally by the animal Weasel from Vietnam and Civet cat from Indonesia, and of course this combo contains interesting tool to made your coffee time enjoyable:

-   01 packs of Organic Weasel Coffee 250g: Vietnamese Weasel coffee. Organic one and extremely clean with no chemical treatment. Strong taste but smooth and the natural bitterness of coffee is nearly removed thanks to the Weasel processing process. Perfect served in hot

-   01 pack of Organic Kopi Luwak 250g: The almighty coffee which is regarded as the most expensive coffee in the world. Green beans imported from Indonesia but roasted with Vietnamese method. Kopi Luwak by Huongmai Café have traditional taste of Vietnamese coffee but its Indonesia figure is not loss yet enhanced perfectly.

-   01 Ceramic Coffee mug: A lovely mug for coffee lovers, handmade by Bat Trang Villager, this Ceramic is amazingly nearly unbreakable with its thickness and quality.

-   01 set of Stainless steel Vietnamese Phin Filter: The amazing Vietnamese coffee making tool. Contained: 01 cup, 01 vault, 01 pressing tool, 01 cap. This set is small so it won’t use up much space from your cupboard, easy to clean

-   01 Hand grinder machine: This grinder is one of the most bestselling coffee grinder with beautiful and compact design. Wood body, especially concrete, imitating vintage coffee grinder, medium size, can be used as a decorate highlight at restaurants, bars... or even at owner's living room, no matter where it's placed, this grinder will always stand out for its high class.

A very Vietnamese gift set for your dear Teacher, why not give him this Tea Ceremony combo to make he/she understand more about Vietnamese culture?

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