Brownie Coffee

Combo 6: Brownie Coffee


Quick Overview

* Combo package include: 

+ 01 box of Heritage 225g

+ 01 Hand grinder machine

+ 01 set of Ceramic Vietnamese Phin Filter


Product Questions

Have no questions.

With brown tone to imitate the colour of coffee bean this set will surely meet all the needs of a coffee lover. 

-    01 box of Heritage 225g: A perfect one for your gift. With very traditional appearance, Heritage Bamboo box is a highlight of this combo. Heritage is also organic and a exclusive product of Huongmai Café. Heritage is not loved by the local but by customers around the world, too for its bold and strong taste.

-    01 Hand grinder machine: This grinder is one of the most bestselling coffee grinder with beautiful and compact design. Wood body, especially concrete, imitating vintage coffee grinder, medium size, can be used as a decorate highlight at restaurants, bars... or even at owner's living room, no matter where it's placed, this grinder will always stand out for its high class.

-    01 set of Ceramic Vietnamese Phin Filter: The amazing Vietnamese coffee making tool. Contained: 01 cup, 01 vault, 01 pressing tool, 01 cap. This set will make your coffee strong and kept warm for long.

A very Vietnamese gift set for your dear Teacher, why not give him this Tea Ceremony combo to make he/she understand more about Vietnamese culture?

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