Vietnamese Gift

Combo 4: Vietnamese Gift


Quick Overview

* Combo package include: 

+ 01 Set of Tea pot (01 pot, 06 cups, 06 disks)

+ 01 box of Oolong Cinnamon box

+ 01 box of Lotus Green Tea in Bamboo box


Product Questions

Have no questions.

Another combo included tea pot set to make your choice diverse.

-   01 Set of Tea pot (01 pot, 06 cups, 06 disks):  Made of Ceramic therefore this tea set has a admirable capacity in keeping tea warm for long. With Vietnamese embellished pattern, this set of tea will surely make your gift stand out of others.

-   01 box of Oolong Cinnamon box:  Naturally embalmed tea with the sweet Oolong tea combined with the scent of Cinnamon bark. The special figure of this product is its package which is made of 20 years old Cinnamon bark and sophisticatedly crafted by hand of the tea expert. You can reuse the box to embalm another turn of tea.

-   01 box of Lotus Green Tea in Bamboo box:  Ancient tea buds complicatedly embalm with Lotus petals and pistil which came from Hanoi Westlake, creating a kind of tea which is called “The First Eternity tea”. This quintessential combination with lotus stamen creating passionate taste, unforgettable subtle flavor lotus which no others could ever compare.

A very Vietnamese gift set for your dear Teacher, why not give him this Tea Ceremony combo to make he/she understand more about Vietnamese culture?

Vietnamese Gift