Weasel Legend Coffee Gift Box

Weasel Legend Coffee Gift Box

21,50 USD

Xem nhanh

Gift set includes:
* 1 Weasel Legend Coffee Powder - 250g
* 1 The premium stainless steel filter to help you fully enjoy the delicious taste of traditional coffee.


Weasel Legend Coffee is the ultimate coffee, available in very limited amount, only the finest are selected. They have been organically and naturally processed by the digestive anzyme of the Vietnamese Civet Cats or Weasel, Under the effect of fermentation of enzymes, cofffee taste is changed vastly, deliver special flavor, it is the fragant combination of fresh soil, subtle sweet of syrup with lightl hint of chocolate, such a precious gift from Nature. With years of experience in Cofffee roasting business, Huongmaicafe gives you the best coffee beans, different from the kind of simple coffee that is easy to find, with spectal roasting method and natural flavors, Huongmai Cafe's coffee stands out of others.

Weasel Legend Coffee Gift Box

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